Our Story

Tehram Tamam Engineering is proud to serve our customer base, with seamless access to leading process technologies in the industry.

Over the 25 years Tamam has cemented it’s name as a trustworthy and capable partner for our Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, and Industrial customers alike. Our history began in assembling and executing medium to large scale control system project. Using the help of our partners, we successfully branded and registered Moore products, and went on to complete a successful track record. As our reputation grew we also became recognized for our partnerships with leading process company’s such as Eurotherm, Chesel, Magnetrol, MTL, Saab, General Monitors, etc. This progressed into end to end projects for Metering and Analyser requirements with the use of our international partners, with help from our Dubai offices . Now we are using our platform and know how to access the essential revamp and green projects that are needed to recover Iran’s vast industrial capacities.