Oil and Gas

producing 64.1 millions/tons per year.
Our close relationship with some of the largest Petrochemical companies in Iran dates back to 20 years, and correspond on a daily basis as approved vendors for supply and installation contracts.


Iran has more than a century experience of exploring and drilling with the first successful exploration completed in 1906, Masjed Suleiman. Iran’s oil industry has expanded and facing vast technological requirements to further expand the development of onshore/offshore and strategic reserves.

Our engagement in the Oil sector has been in direct contact through executing major system integration jobs with IOOC and NIOC subsidiaries.

Like wise Iran has the largest Gas reserve, and a large demand base which is why we have developed a concurrent business relationship and are listed in the approved vendor lists with major producers and gas treatment facilities.

Power plantĀ  and Mining

Both Iran’s power and mining sector hold impressive statistics, and are currently attracting major international investments, based of government privitisation initiatives. We forecast a great deal of work load to come from these and Iran intends to set an adequate infrastructure to capitalize on these sectors.
This is why we have positioned ourselves to operators in order to facilitate required supply and contracting services